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Product rangeKevlar / Twaron Ballistic Fabric


Kevlar / Twaron Ballistic Fabric for making bulletproof jackets, helmets
plates, etc

product number, BFF-K01


مشخصات فنی

Specification : 1.20 by 2.42M; 1.60 by 3.20M; or length 100M

Area Density : 225g/m2

 Ballistic Layers for NIJ IIIA : 24

 Mini order : 100 sq.m; sample is available and charged

 Capacity : 10 kilo sq.m monthly

Kevlar / aramid ballistic fabric is softer and more comfortable than UHMW-PE, but it is weaker on UV resistant, low moisture sensibility and not waterproof

Guarantee Period : the material are in 5 years warranty

Note : the material can be preserved under temperature 300 centigrade


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